Small Steps to Wonder

While debugging an unexpected difficulty in a collaborative data pipeline I was surprised at how well features recently added to wiki made that work go. This has been due to a compounding of small changes I enumerate here.

Internal Links — The text of a link and the address in the hypertext were made the same for some links and thus entered into the vocabulary.

Fork — A copy made with the intention to improve. Combined with CC attribution makes a dynamic inheritance hierarchy.

Journal — The history of edits, including forks, that travels with a page and is consulted to resolve links not present in the origin wiki. The resolution context.

Neighborhood — The locally growing and often discarded context for search within a tab. Fuels recommendation: this page also present here. The search context.

Assets — Supporting files served in addition to pages from all federation wiki servers. Associated with pages by adding the Assets plugin configured to look at one specific directory possibly replicated within the resolution context.

Lineup — A user-interface where pages can be rendered in one or more adjacent, side scrolling panels. By convention, panels look to the left to make associations over which data can flow.

Frame — A plugin that renders internet content inside a sandbox that makes untrusted javascript safe. This plugin makes selected features of the lineup available to html scripts stored in assets and coded to support specific authoring workflows.

Location Awareness — An html script can distinguish the host that served the script, the site that frames the script, and, the origin that is rendering the frame in its lineup.

Workflow Modeled — Authoring and curating practices usefully supported by scripts can be abstracted into a site of their own specifically to empower others to apply the practices. One can fork critical steps or simply reference them from the lineup when they are casually applied.


Frame's interaction with lineup grew out of the curation demands of 160 pages of trails discovered during Pandemic Wandering. These were generalized for Sofi communities. Location Awareness surfaced as an issue in the Seattle Trails refactoring of practices. The Workflow Model's exceptional value became apparent when testing various EXIF scenarios within a community.

These last three steps have built on ten years of creative experience shared within thousands of federated wiki authors who's needs and expectations fuel ongoing work.

We describe the packaging and release of sofi data collection and visualization components necessary for successful application of the sofi method within federated wiki. definition

Thompson thinks that the energy I get from my trail photos will motivate 7th grade students to find and express meaning in their world. Now I want to make a sharable version of my photo stuff that is more fit for that purpose.