Right To Repair

YOUTUBE qCFP9P7lIvI Right to Repair explained in under 60 seconds - FTC rulemaking testimony from Louis Rossmann

Recently manufactures from Apple to John Deere have used laws to stop consumers from repairing their own property. They have done so by restricting access to drawings, tooling and spare parts, and other maneuvers.

YOUTUBE ANSkQ4gmEkg What is Apple authorized repair REALLY like?

The Biden White House has issued an Executive Order to promote competition in the American economy. Thus we can get back to repairing our own Macbooks and farm equipment, even if it is controlled by computed code over the air. The EO requires government agencies to cooperate in oversight, investigation, and seek remedies for the Right To Repair page

YOUTUBE GE-qEDjUJYY Biden Signs Executive Order On Right To Repair!