Repo Linter


To define a standard set of expected files and their location, and if relevant, the specified content, for all open source projects. Consider Repo Linter page

As an example, here is the lint of the hyperledger/abric repo: % npx repolinter ../hyperledger/fabric npx: installed 60 in 8.361s Target directory: /Users/cbf/dev/hyperledger/fabric Ruleset: ../../../.npm/_npx/28096/lib/node_modules/repolinter/rulesets/default.json Linguist Axiom: Linguist not found in path, only running language-independent rules Target directory: /Users/cbf/dev/hyperledger/fabric ✖ notice-file-exists: not found: (NOTICE*) The NOTICE file is described in section 4.4 of the Apache License version 2.0. Its presence is not mandated by the license itself, but by ASF policy. ✔ license-file-exists: found (LICENSE) ✔ readme-file-exists: found ( ✔ contributing-file-exists: found ( ✔ code-of-conduct-file-exists: found ( ✔ changelog-file-exists: found ( ✔ security-file-exists: found ( ✖ support-file-exists: not found: ({docs/,.github/,}SUPPORT*) ✔ readme-references-license: File contains license ✔ binaries-not-present: Excluded file type doesn't exist (**/*.exe,**/*.dll,!node_modules/**) ✔ test-directory-exists: found (test-pyramid.png) ✖ integrates-with-ci: not found: (.gitlab-ci.yml, .travis.yml, appveyor.yml, .appveyor.yml, circle.yml, .circleci/config.yml, Jenkinsfile, .drone.yml, .github/workflows/*, azure-pipelines.yml) ✖ code-of-conduct-file-contains-email: File doesn't contain email address ✖ github-issue-template-exists: not found: (ISSUE_TEMPLATE*, .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE*) ✔ github-pull-request-template-exists: found (.github/ ✔ license-detectable-by-licensee: Licensee identified the license for project: Apache-2.0