The Redox operating system is designed to be highly secure. wikipedia

Security is reflected in a number of design decisions such as: - Using the Rust language - Using a Microkernel design, similar to MINIX The main idea is to have components and drivers that would be inside a monolithic kernel exist in user space and follow the Principle of Least Authority (POLA).

YOUTUBE eH5JgMlNE8o RedoxOS (microkernel OS written in Rust)" - Lunduke Hour - Mar 13, 2017

Where every individual component is: - Completely isolated in memory and as separate user processes - The failure of one component does not crash other components - Allows foreign and untrusted code to not expose the entire system - Bugs and malware cannot spread to other components - Has restricted communication with other components - Doesn't have Admin/Super-User privileges Bugs are moved to user space which reduces their power - All of this increases the reliability of the system significantly. This would be useful for mission-critical applications and for users that want minimal issues with their computer systems.

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