Rap Genius Wiki Pattern Contributions?

Smashing Pumpkins 1979

Rap Genius is an online decoder ring of popular music lyrics. Helping define meaning from original and creative works. A good example of how its editing and contributions compares to wiki lies here in the seminal song 1979 by Billy Corgan the Smashing Pumpkins. rap-genius

My point in bringing this work to the attention of the creators of Wiki and the Federation. Is I often feel guilty plagiarizing original works. Although I can easily point a link to works. What I like to do is annotate meaning on wiki pages side-by-side. The original works (1979) and my notes. Since I don't allows finish my thoughts or wiki articles. I would also like to open my notes to nano forking or simply accept contributions. Thus an careful social amalgam of Wikipedia and Fed Wiki. Here's an example of notes I take, that could benefit nano forks or edits from contributors: notes

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None of this is a biggy.

I just feel we need more tools to collaborate peacefully without good dialog (minus social media drama).

A coda: Why is a16z investing in Rap Genius page