Programing Languages for Climate Change

Citizens unprepared for impact of carbon neutrality drive, says Frans Timmermans. EU warned of ‘tectonic’ shift as economy goes green. page

Computing currently wastes a energy. Hardware has undergone a shift to multicore (save energy powering down unused cores). Programming languages have not undergone changes. Most software is still written for single core computing, which uses considerable energy, despite green energy stickers on many computers. A main reason, programming languages are still rooted in single core computing, as are operating systems. Linux Initial release 0.02 (5 October 1991; 28 years ago) well prior to multicore.

Ironically the newest programming movement Ethereum and uses proof of work, as do many blockchains, to improve computer security. Ethereum developers want to turn the tables, using a new consensus system called proof of stake. To effect green computing we'll need to go further, we need programing languages for multi-core and multi-cloud computing. We posit new a type system: Policy as Types in Object-capabilities