Private Data Objects

In light of Meltdown and Spectre. Remediation patches have been released and applied by the top tier cloud providers. There are many servers deployed by others who are not top tier. To address security going forwards industry research is ongoing by the smartest people on the planet. One way to address rather than remediate is to secure the enclaves where computer keys could be exposed. Private data objects (PDOs) is one such implementation IntelDeck

To help share this work led by Intel's Mic Bowman we presented an unannounced lighting talk at PWL . Before Keys Under Doormats.

Mark S Miller is taking another approach to secure enclaves by sealing discontinuities inadvertently exposed by programming languages who are not based on first class object-capabilities.

We can concluded Intel's and Miller's work could overlap or 'backrub'.

Private Data Objects: an Overview Mic Bowman et, al. Intel Labs paper .