PictureBook of Secure Cooperation

Polarized Delegation Chain. Personal relationships in green .

Marc Stiegler visiting scholar at HP moved onto Google. Where he worked tightly with Mark Miller. Al His picture book of secure cooperation is seminal in simplicity to explain and grok capabilities page .

We notice on programming distributed systems, object-capabilities are not expressive in types without policy. Thus why category theory point us away from Lambda calculus (λ-calculus) toward PI-calculus (π-calculus).

> In theoretical computer science, the π-calculus (or pi-calculus) is a process calculus. The π-calculus allows channel names to be communicated along the channels themselves, and in this way it is able to describe concurrent computations whose network configuration may change during the computation wikipedia

We wonder if Rholang is really synonymous with ladder logic in control systems engineering (how else to keep an oil rig stable in the North Sea).

YOUTUBE D2dv57CpT-s Golang or Rholang...