Past, Present & Future of Blockchain

We spoke at LinuxFest on Past, Present & Future of Blockchain. Protocols for blockchain based economies to pass digital art from game-to-game and reward artists for their work. linuxfest

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YOUTUBE L3N76cd_jFY Conceptually Chrome OS desktops map to Wiki SVG SES passing.

Each "desktop" should represent a different Fed Wiki account and have them pass SVG back and forth as easily as ChromeOS desktops.


Compare Wiki Dev/User Video Chat May 1 SES SVG to Aries Wallet. Aries

Aries proposal

Many details to work out in Hyperledger Aries (a blockchain ledger resolver page ) and exposed into a library. Simpler to focus on SVG SES a thin plugin shim or a plugin (still complex and security details not understood).