Orchid Incentivizing Anonymous Browsing Networks

As methods for censoring browsing and for discovering private browsing information have become more effective, the interest in anonymization methods has increased. Unfortunately, existing approaches to unrestricted, unsurveilled Internet access such as I2P and Tor suffer from a lack of widespread adoption. Indeed, only a few thousand unpaid volunteers host relays and exit nodes, allowing sophisticated attackers a tractable number of nodes to monitor or otherwise compromise. We present a market based, fully decentralized, and anonymous peer-to-peer system based on “bandwidth mining” which we believe addresses this lack of relay and exit nodes by directly incentivizing participants.

Orchid: Enabling Decentralized Network Formation and Probabilistic Micro-Payments. David L. Salamon, Gustav Simonsson, Brian Vohaska, and Brian J. Fox with Stephen F. Bell, and Steven Waterhouse, Ph.D. whitepaper