Off-Chain Trusted Compute Spec

This document specifies APIs that enable Off-Chain Trusted Compute for Enterprise Ethereum, to support private transactions, offload for compute intensive processing and attested Oracles. pdf

"Early blockchains delivered computational trust via massive replication but had limited throughput, and imperfect privacy and security. Adding trusted off-chain execution to a blockchain is proposed as way to improve blockchain performance in these areas. In this specification, a main blockchain maintains a single authoritative instance of the objects, enforces execution policies, and ensures transaction and results auditability, while associated off-chain trusted compute allows greater throughput, increases Work Order integrity, and protects data confidentiality."

"In order to get these benefits of cooperation, participating Enterprises must register their Requestors, Ethereum Clients, and Workers with the main blockchain. Each registered Requestor, Ethereum Client, or Worker (or its Worker Service) will have its own unique Ethereum public key (or a DID that can be resolved to an Ethereum public key) from which to receive or send transactions."