ocap2017 Norm Hardy keynote

YOUTUBE dFirsrySpzM Norm Hardy Keynote ocap2017

Norm laid out a stack of 5 capabilities layers, simulutanelousy everything fits together. First get the small parts right. Hardy's keynote spans from KeyKOS nanokernal architecture + page to Intel SGX (software guard extensions) page introduced 2015 with Skylake architecture.

Mark Miller opened Ocap17 by introducing Norm Hardy whom he completed his security apprenticeship with earlier page

A big difference between 1970 and 2017 is the security perimeter. 1960/70/80 it was assumed to be the computer security room, today Intel assumes the CPU is the security perimeter. Which brings up the Paranoids Layer, Marc Stiegler's POLA page and Mark Millers work on weird couplings explained above.

Norm finished with talking about users writing user mode code, did he mean business developers writing capability-based nanoapps, I plan to write and ask him. norm at no spam cap-lore dot com