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Eric's Visualization Resume

I recently learned that Observable is hiring. There's a decent chance working there could be my dream job. There's also a decent chance they would find me to be a huge asset for their team. Here I imagine several paths where my unique experience and interests overlap with Observable.

Federated wiki invites authors to write in smaller pieces and compose works in interesting relationships. Wiki invites readers to explore their own path through large, entangled knowledge spaces.

Resilience Engineering—One way I might help drive adoption of Observable is to collaborate with my colleagues in the Learning from Incidents in Software community. We could create notebooks that tell the stories of their incidents.

Visualization in Federated Wiki—Federated wiki stands to gain a lot for integration of the Observable runtime. Observable would gain a lot from capabilities of federated wiki which to empower the chorus of voices and community sharing and exploration.

Animating Perspective—Observable notebooks are an inviting tool to recreate animations which clarify the history and discovery of linear perspective.

Turtle Geometry—Seymour Papert and Cynthia Solomon transformed differential geometry into something completely accessible to elementary aged children. My original motivation for learning federated wiki was in hopes of integrating turtle geometry into a communications system to empower sharing and collaboration.

Visualization changes cognitive work. I learned this phrase from David Woods and the resilience engineering community. Much of our brains are devoted to perceptual systems and especially our visual systems. We literally reduce the amount of work in our heads by leveraging human perception.

I learned the practice of changing cognitive work at the College of Environmental Design (now College of Architecture and Planning).

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