Talk by Jesse at Briebug page

- Container Presentation - NGRX Entity (from array to dictionary). - Copy pattern to complex order entry forms.

-Relational data: nested data X (data is mutable). Create a new object. Do not nest data. -Make a container. Separate presentation from container. OPresentation watches fir changed vales on form group, emit event (basic pattern to tame complexity). -ngrx supports select, container is responsible for listening to events (observables). -Presentation knows nothing, makes it reusable (component) making testing simpler. Watch for changes (observables) and patch onto form. Summary -Goal is serenity. Nice control. -Reactive forms in it. -Do same with html templates.

Talk by Googlers - Protractor - A New Hope -Testing with screen shots -This talk not public till NGRX18

Summary -ControlFlow going away in Selenium 4 -Long string async calls -ElementExplore -BrowserExplore (broken in Node v8+)

Webpack talk by Sean T. Larkin @TheLarkInn page

- Webpack 4 Legarto page -Faster builds -Lazy compile -Don't try this at home (twitter benedikt) -Maybe you don't need Rust and WASM to speed up your JS. -JSON tree shaking -Smaller builds (barrel builds). -ES module side effect you have to include everything (which is why ES modules are slow). -SideEffects: false (allows go ahead and ignore) -Developer experience. Lower barrier to entry 'zero config' #OCJS

-Wasm -Unblock Preact, Angular -Webpack #3 most used JS project across MSFT. -Wasm modules === ES modules

Webpack beyond 4.0 -Fully parallel -Multicore / Multithreaded builds