Next Five Years of Enterprise Blockchain

YOUTUBE GYjq-mWe_is The Next Five Years of Enterprise Blockchain, Hyperledger and Beyond - Dec 15, 2020

Over the last five years, we’ve seen a swirl of blockchain activity, with peaks of buzz, troughs of disillusionment and, in between, real progress on enterprise adoption. But, by most accounts, we are just starting to see the potential of blockchain for business. So what comes next?

- Blockchain’s role in tackling the biggest challenges ahead, including Climate Change, health credentials, financial inclusion, digital identity, fake news and more - Network trends: public vs private; cross chain transactions; multiparty systems and blockchain’s place in the stack; consortia, standards and governance - Technologies and start-ups to watch - Thoughts on what might a fully blockchain-enabled future look like

Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger Michael J. Casey, Chief Content Officer, CoinDesk Sandra Ro, CEO, GBBC Emiliano Vernini, Head of ICT Innovation Strategy, Poste Italiane Alissa Worley, Global Marketing Director - Blockchain, Accenture