New Relic FANG like Growth

At the core of both movements is a mistrust of capitalism page

From attending mix of biz/tech blockchain events in Seattle. I think we can look at growth movements for where blockchain technologies help canonical enterprise uses cases. Janan Ganesh at FT projects a coming alliance of populists and greens. At the core of both movements is a mistrust of capitalism. Blockchain can immutibilize data records and build business trust. Immutability is the core compute construct in distributed systems that underpins the internal enterprise business architectures of the FANGS, who experience tremendous growth. New Relic a Diginomica partner is growing tremendously catering to supporting this architecture in new era enterprise business applications. I'd posit that FANG Iike EnSW growth will come when blockchain can coexist with SQL and smart contracts to deliver immutable business computing that simplifies integration by delivering trust (keep an eye on Microsoft). A coda: Legacy ERP vendors are still mostly built around SQL databases from the last century computing, illustrated in stagnant growth.

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