My Corona Isolation Disks

Eight tracks, a book and a luxury: Following guise of the BBCs Desert Island Disks since 1942 page .

Guests have to pick one disc, one book and one luxury to take to a desert island.

Our choice, after nearly 2 years of Covid has evolved, we'd take the Bronski Beat version of Gershwin's - It Ain't Necessarily So.

My luxury. A Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, the little instrument is tied to the evolution of popular music. page

My book. The Art of Computer Programming (TAOCP ) by Donald Knuth -- plenty to read.

What did wiki members take to isolation island?

YOUTUBE v-szBDby1Zg Bronski Beat - It Ain’t Necessarily So. Gershwin cover, from the 1984 album The Age of Consent.

A coda. Homosexual acts were illegal in England and Wales until 1967. Alan Turing committed suicide in 1954 due to prosecution and chemical castration. Steve Bronski passed away in December 2021. The Guardian wrote an obituary page

YOUTUBE pM6ytPFoO48 Ghost Town - The Specials. Lyrics were instrumental in helping address social unrest. This song has a lot more meaning at the moment. "Too Much Virus on the Dancefloor "

YOUTUBE sGZDwxnjG1g Bill Gates favorite song. Blue Skies by Irving Berlin. Covered by Willie Nelson. (did Blue Skies inspire Windows backgrounds ...)

YOUTUBE 7KyvGnJn5Ms Cilla Black (the real fifth Beatle) and Paul McCartney - Step Inside Love (Acoustic Demo). Gotta have a Beatles song.

YOUTUBE r54jwZvtJck The Cure - A Forest. "How many bands have teenagers and pensioners bouncing around next to each other all gothed up.....fantastic. We all need the Cure.

YOUTUBE -_3dc6X-Iwo Depeche Mode (another highly covered group) Enjoy the Silence (so many seem to know the words).

YOUTUBE QLL2Dw18nww Twice - TT. Perhaps the most covered K-pop hit. With well over half billion M/V views and thousands of dance covers. The song shows feminism is different in Asia, yet also progressive as The West.

YOUTUBE q0hyYWKXF0Q Tones And I - Dance Monkey. A social proxy for cleaving of society into buskers and platforms, and striving to shine in the attention economy. Released in May 2019 and reached number one in over 30 countries.


Of course as an engineer you can expect me to tweak and make improvements to my version...