Merkle-Radix Tree

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Each node can then be an extension, a branch or a leaf.

Example with five words to index:

With the Merkle tree, we create a tree of hashes, and where the root hash provides the overall consistency of the data within the tree. Its core advantage is that we can easily check that data is within the tree by analyzing a subtree here .

This was implemented based on the code here .

Play with the JS fiddle here

> Imagine if we could capture the current state of every financial transaction that was made from every single bank and in the whole of our financial infrastructure. And this would be for the whole history of our financial infrastructure. So at any point in time, we would see the whole of our banking infrastructure and would see exactly when all the transactions were made and who was involved. Well, what I’ve described is Ethereum, and it uses the Merkle-Patricia-Tree (trie) method to create a full world model of all the transactions. page

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