Menger Sponge Analogy

Miller's Menger Sponge Analogy

Mark S Miller's recent presentation at TC39 focused on threat analysis reduction by defense in depth. Using a Menger sponge analogy to explore emerging JavaScript and toward capabilities-based web assembly. Menger

Notably Miller breaks down threats by putting modern and legacy into isolated boxes. Then wiring up these boxes in depth with object-capabilities. With Ward Cunningham and contributors to Federated Wiki we see and discuss the concept of a porous sponge.

How do we freeze realms, message between frozen realms, is there more that one way? -http2 headers http2 -WebRTC/ORTC caniuse -capnproto capnproto

YOUTUBE wQHjITxQX0g Presenting visualizing risk at TC39 - Mark S Miller

Mark Miller takes time to highlight wasm-gc. proposal

"It is executed in a sandbox in the web browser after a formal verification step. Programs can be compiled from high-level languages into wasm modules and loaded as libraries from within JavaScript applets. page

We also see smart contracts using capabilities-based permissioning at Hyperledger Burrows. Developing a capabilities-based web3.js compatible interface to the EVM. page