Linux Apps via Crostini Containers

Google has implemented Linux Apps on ChromeOS.

- All that's missing is the file system... - Will Crostini use object-capabilities?

Details are sparse.

YOUTUBE 6kIZ_u4QE9U Emilie Roberts on Linux Apps at 33m54s

Using SSH

Not Using SSH


YOUTUBE s9mrR2tqVbQ Running Linux Apps on the Pixelbook In A Container Via Crostini

Ahead of Google IO, Google open-sourced Asylo. An open and flexible framework for enclave applications. Enclave apps points to capabilities-based. Unsure if ChromeOS is implements Asylo. Asylo

Asylo integrates with gRPC for easy and secure inter-enclave and external communication. GRPC

Before IO Google also open-sourced gVisor. A sandboxed container runtime. gVisor

Try out Crostini github (supported on Pixelbook for now).

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