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Latex is the document preparation system that 98 percent of CS papers are published in. The initial developer was Leslie Lamport who won the 2013 Turing Award for contributions to preciseness in distributed systems and is generally stylized LaTeX .

Markdown vs LaTex for thesis?

> Any markdown flavor is indeed a better option than LaTeX to focus on contents and format a document easily with a decent format, no doubt. But the paradise vanishes when you need more than standards sections and bulleted list. Simple formatting options such as centering an image or making two columns are not available. > This is not a criticism of markdown: the purpose of the markdown is to be a very lightweight markup language and perforce should be simple code to make a simple format. This is enough in many cases but not all, and this explains why there are so many markdown flavors, adding this or that feature, with the result that it is no longer so easy to use (especially when you will need aware of the differences among markdown flavors). page

This conclusion reminds me that Ward and Thompson recently published a book written in FedWiki. How did they layout Tex for pub....


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WikiTex / MarkovTex... - Think on Eric and Davids Markov Blankets

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Computer science papers are generally published in LaTex (Tex). The columnar format and scientific notation and references allow the reader to keep context when learning new material. Tex also supports complex diagrams but does not allow links from one diagram to another on the same paper, the reader can lose context on lengthly papers. Notice wiki diagrams support finely grained links that navigate to keep context. Here on wiki Hyperbook (click the diagram boxes).


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