Javascript Without Pipelines

At JSConf EU 2018, Tara Vancil presented a vision of a web without servers. Not functions in the cloud but a web browser empowered with peer-to-peer file sharing. She called it a web without servers. I also see Javascript without pipelines. youtube

> I mean, think about it: if you knew the web, you could spend months and months wrapping your head around how to write an HTML page, vertically center divs or navigate the latest JavaScript frameworks. After all of that, you gained your bearings, you have some confidence, and maybe built something you're proud of. You still have to figure out servers. > > And I just think the web can do better.

YOUTUBE rJ_WvfF3FN8 Tara Vancil, Web Without Servers, JSConf EU 2018

_Nodding as I imagine William Gibson:_ "The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed." She didn't just paint that vision. About 12 minutes into her talk, Tara demoed a web without servers.

If you watch closely, ten minutes later she also shows a web application without a database. "It's files all the way down."

For wiki community, there is also noteworthy familiarity in the "database". She shows a folder full of json files where apparently each Fritter message is a single file. The client that renders those files is just another collection of files which she can copy into her own dat and edit.

The browser is Beaker Browser and the peer-to-peer technology is dat protocol. See Also Federated Wiki on Dat


The pain of build pipelines is not a new problem. blog