JavaScript - State of Browsers 11/14

Watch this quarterly State of JavaScript and keep up with the advancement of prominent open source frameworks, libraries, and browser standards by attending this online event.

YOUTUBE 6yhlMReH1PE Core team members discuss topics such as upcoming releases, recent milestones, and community initiatives.

W3C Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group - Rachel Andrew - Brave & Creator of JavaScript - Brendan Eich - Chrome - Paul Kinlan - Firefox - Matthew Claypotch - Edge - Patrick Kettner - Beaker - Paul Frazee


- 10-javascript-concepts you need to know page - A Quick Introduction to Functional Javascript page - Functional JavaScript part 2: array operations - Code with style! page

filtering function

map runs given function on each element and collects the returned values, producing a new array

easy to understand how the array is transformed.


Chrome-only sites are a problem - The Verge. page