Hypercore Protocol

Via Paul and Beaker browser (I think...) page .

Came up during 2020-10-07 weekly wiki dev chat. Ward had been thinking about a next 10 year road map for wiki. David had been thinking about a community model. Marc a neighborhood model.

Paul has done quiet bit or R&D toward a 'Dat' version of wiki. Now 'Dat' has been renamed to Hypercore Protocol, see blog

YOUTUBE SVk1uIQxOO8 Hyp - Like BitTorrent for your command line, but better! Dec 11, 2020

Eric summarized community manager school . . . page

We also discussed historical perspective of wiki toward small phone sized servers and wiki's beginnings as Smallest Federated Wiki phone based UI. Ward imagined everyone would have a wiki (with them)>



Long term site storage... (install Beaker browser).[hyper://cbbc6003c42ba597635ef590e326b59512c06c56d61b100aa141ed51011a29e6/#view/welcome-visitors site]


Holochain vs Blockchain video

YOUTUBE JV8QZsNpFok Holochain vs Blockchain - Oct 26, 2017