How do you improve at DevOps?

Gitops day introduced this report by Google page

The main takeaway is end-to-end convert our build, distribution and deployment to gitops. If cross-project, cross-department, cross-company log the efforts on blockchain. So that any build can be rebuilt.

Here's some puffery; the slide is best.

# New insights in 2019 Continued evidence that software speed, stability, and availability contribute to organizational performance, and this year we were able to uncover new insights into the practices and capabilities that drive high DevOps performance. Some insights include:

Aspect of Software Delivery Performance - @Weaveworks

- DevOps has “crossed the chasm” - Elite performers are more likely to use the cloud - Most cloud users aren’t using it to its full potential - For the first time, industry matters: In this year’s report it's retail. - DevOps in the enterprise -- Part 1: (those with more than 5,000 employees) are lower performers than those with fewer than 5,000 employees. - DevOps in the enterprise -- Part 2: elite performers), focus on structural solutions that build community. - No “one size fits all” approach, but concurrent efforts drive success: Examples of organization-level capabilities include the ability to set architectural or change approval policies that span across departments and teams. - Low performers use more proprietary software than high and elite performers: elite performers were 1.75 times more likely to make extensive use of open source components, libraries, and platforms.