Hammurabi Project

Hammurabi is a perfect first programming project since it advances by turns, has simple but not trivial rules, and fits nicely into what we offer and expect of a plugin. We wrote a user manual today which will guide the project and become an About Hammurabi Plugin page when complete.

Hammurabi Plugin user manual.

We explore game representation and processing steps that we suspect might make a good solution.

Hammurabi State kept in Item and Journal.

Hammurabi Printout formatted for the dom.

Hammurabi Step state to next year.

Hammurabi Markup parsed from text.

Hammurabi was originally written as 'The Sumer Game' (1969) in FOCAL on a DEC PDP-8 computer, by Richard Merrill. Sometime later, it was ported to PDP-8 BASIC. David Ahl ported this version of Hammurabi to BASIC, and added the 10-year performance assessment. post

I was reminded of playing the FOCAL version while watching my son playing a similar sim where one manages a settlement on Mars. expand