Gitcoin – Aligning Incentives in Open-Source

Combined with blockchain technologies, there is a potential to create efficient, two-sided markets which align incentives for all participants

Kevin goes on to discuss progressive elaboration on bounties because software developer is abstract and folks often have difficulty specifying what they want (very unlike an Uber trip).

YOUTUBE 7gMw90x3YxM Kevin Owocki, who is the Founder of Gitcoin.

Building open source software is a collaborative process which relies on good faith and willingness of volunteers. While most of the software we use daily relies heavily on open-source libraries, incentive models are broken.

Kevin Owocki, who is the Founder of Gitcoin. The Ethereum-based platform leverages the open source community to incentivize and monetize work, remunerating developers for pull requests made to projects. Gitcoin was itself built using Gitcoin and is today facilitating bug bounty payments for dozens of blockchain projects. At the time of writing, over 200 projects have used the platform to distribute over $340,000 in bounties to developers. As Gitcoin continues to grow, the goal is to expand its reach to the broader open-source ecosystem: leaderboard