Fuchsia is Object-Capabilities OS

Google opens up a bit and confirms security and privacy are woven deeply into the architecture of Fuchsia. The basic building blocks of Fuchsia, the kernel primitives, are exposed to applications as object-capabilities, which means that applications running on Fuchsia have no ambient authority: applications can interact only with the objects to which they have been granted access explicitly.

# Fuchsia is… - Fuchsia is designed for security and privacy - Fuchsia is designed to be updatable - Fuchsia is designed to be language and runtime agnostic - Fuchsia is designed for performance - Fuchsia is open source

# Fuchsia is not… - Fuchsia is not based on Linux - Fuchsia is not a microkernel - Fuchsia is not a user experience - Fuchsia is not a science experiment # More:

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