Hacker News:

> I really think that open source federated services are the future. There are now a bunch of these services all using the same protocol called ActivityPub. PeetTube is a YouTube alternative, PixelFed replaces instagram, Lemmy is an alternative to Reddit, and Plume is like medium. There are a few other projects as well. All of these services are able to talk to each other and allow users to share data across them creating one large federated platform. Meanwhile, traditional commercial platforms like Fb, Twitter, and Youtube have zero incentive to allow users to move data between them.

> Another important aspect of the Fediverse is that it's much harder to censor and manipulate than centralized networks. There is no single company deciding what content can go on the network, and servers are hosted by regular people across many different countries.

> A federated network that's developed in the open and largely hosted non-profit is the way internet was intended to work in the first place before it was hijacked by corporations. I'm very glad to see that decentralized networks are finally starting to get popular again.