Federated Wiki at TC39 7/24

In light of security vulnerabilities in Spectre and Meltdown. Mark Miller planned an Update On Frozen Realms in London at TC39 on 3/15.

ecma and TC39 at Redmond.

7/24-26 TC39 will meet at Microsoft Redmond, providing an opportunity closer at home to support Frozen Realms with actual implementation and motivation for it. page

As the modern web transitions from marketing sites to interactive sites running code from decentralized servers to do commerce. Resilient business requires robust composition to maintain cyber security. Stopping malware and malicious code draining wallets is critical to attenuate Cyber Risk Foresight.

By observation the node community have canvased for flexibility in common JavaScript and has built alliances with major hosting companies such as GoDaddy. Resisting adoption of ECMAScript 2015/ ES6 changes spurring Michael Jackson Script and other community driven standards (partly because Node moves faster than TC39).

Federated Wiki developers have implemented and experimented with different ways to attain Frozen Realms. 2013 pretty fantastic idea to put a javascript eval() call inside a sandboxed iframe. Moving to plug-ins architecture and the Assets folder. page

Recently observing changes to http2 security zones and rules about document frames around observable memory honoring content in http headers.

Setting policies around frame itself to run arbitrary code in the frame but protecting our page using windows messages to send back and forth, protected by Caja.