Fair Priority Model

Genetic Science Fair Priority...

Oncologist Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel is a President-elect Biden Covid-19 scientific task force adviser appointed to make recommendations for vaccine distribution. Together with 17 others, weighed to philosophy and ethics academics at Universities he authored a paper: An Ethical Framework for Global Vaccine Allocation which recommends the Fair Priority Model for global vaccine distribution over national priorities. page

In computer science, to keep systems alive, we employ scheduling algorithms. Ethics don't come into decision making because systems are digital and not 'living'.

Computer Science Proportionally Fair...

Proportionally fair scheduling algorithm to maintain a balance between two competing interests: Trying to maximize total throughput of the network while at the same time allowing all users at least a minimal level of service. page

In CPU scheduling we employ the Fair queuing algorithm. page

In memory management, we use allocation algorithms. page

In operations management, we start to run into ethics, to avoid conflicts we combine scheduling algorithms with allocations. Gov Cuomo moved ventilators from New York to Texas.

Many pre-year 2000 era packaged ERP systems, which more often had to deal with shortages, came with features to ration inventory 'soft and hard' allocations to preferred customers.

Operations management

Today in 2020, Amazon employs over 80 microservices during checkout to calculate and optimize a projected delivery date, thus avoiding setting false customer expectations by avoiding inventory allocations.

Notably, the 17 co-authors with Dr. Emannual are academics in philosophy and ethics, not in physiology and genetics, they unaccountable experts who claim the Fair Priority Model, because they don't need to make accountable vaccine allocations. Personally, I would make sure every American who needs or wants the vaccine is prioritized to receive it, before shipping overseas. Because to be held accountable, I know who my customer is.

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