Equifax Makes Case For Wiki?

Equifax c/o Reuters

US launches criminal probe into Equifax breach...

Its apparent consumers need to manage their own credit rating because we can't trust Equifax, who is likely harbinger of other centralized data brokers with security designed for previous era computing (not online).

An interesting analogy came on NPR today. When the Irish banks went on strike in the 1970s the Irish economy did not collapse. The local pubs knew the reputation of customers and extended credit to customers saving the country from collapse. page

Irish Pub c/o NPR

In 2017 are we approaching a new crisis. Imagine US banking system is breached. Do we need to manage each other's identity via Wiki. Many be some simple solution such as passwords. Thus if 5 Wiki friends know me and I lose my password (Alzheimer's) my friends will let me back into my Wiki identity via tokens securely implemented via Miller's Dr.SES Ocap?

Thinking out loud is always dangerous musings...