Dunbar and Wiki

Dunbar has published a peer reviewed study on Online Communities of Practice. The research was conducted prior to Covid-Zoom. We will try to unpack what Dundar means for Wiki. page

. Distribution of Community of Practice (COP) sizes. The X-axis is log10-transformed for illustrative convenience. page

> The social brain relationship takes the form of a fractally structured series of group sizes that have the approximate sequence 5–15–50–150–500–1500, a pattern also found (with the same numbers) in primates. These numbers seem to act as natural attractors, and hence are more common as group sizes [Some references omitted.]

By observation the weekly wiki devchat seems to break down with group size under 5. Groups seems to require more monitoring until 15, at this point they become self-monitoring, and onwards 50, 150.

Developer/Contributor Pod

We wonder does the federation exhibit these groupings, 5-15-50-150. IDK.

//ToDo unpack more