Documents with Superpowers

Increasingly we are agreeing with strangers to do business online. Web-based cloud applications assume we running trusted code. Meltdown and Spectre was a Message In A Bottle. We need to put JavaScript in a Bottle to enable robust web-apps for this era. Quip has taken steps to do so.

Quip Live Apps

Quip: Introduced Live Apps, which enables people to embed a variety of content onto a Quip page, turning it into a Digital Canvas for collecting information in context on a single page. page

Integrate web services

Live Apps look like the very first implementation of Dr. SES (Distributed resilient Secure ECMAScript). Catapulting secured robust apps into nextgen. By integrating services outside your company inside Salesforce with a composite Quip document.

Marketing... "With Live Apps, Quip docs are now packed with tons of unique tools you've never had in a document before. You can embed polls and calendars, annotate images, track your next project, and bring your favorite third-party apps right into Quip — then collaborate on them with comments and @mentions. Live Apps save you from the need to toggle back and forth between windows just to get work done." page