Distributed Programming

Crockford shared a note.

Since Babbage, programming has been a sequential activity. We have a century of tradition supporting that view. But here in the future, we are now building distributed systems, and the sequential model is inadequate. We should be practicing Distributed Programming. This is the biggest paradigm shift our profession has yet faced, bigger than HLL, bigger than structure, bigger than objects. Comfort can be obtained by making the new paradigm look like the old one. JavaScript's promises and async/await are intended to provide that comfort.

YOUTUBE e3Nh350b6S4 Broken Promises - James Snell, NearForm

Evidence that this comfort is an attractive nuisance. It facilitates the development of programs that the developers do not fully understand. They are confused about how and when their programs run. We have evidence now that that is creating astonishingly severe performance problems. Confusion usually leads to reliability and security problems, so that may be coming as well. I do not believe that parseq is the final solution, but I think it leads in a better direction than JavaScript currently does. http://howjavascriptworks.com [Chapter 20] https://github.com/douglascrockford/parseq