Deconstructing Bitcoin Whitepaper

John Feminella (@jxxf) presented the Bitcoin Whitepaper by examining how Satoshi Nakamoto created an electronic currency. page

let's build a blockchain

Most interesting was deconstructing the elements Satoshi had combined into a electronic currency. Less so knowing 10 years later bitcoin continues to influence the creators of crypto-currencies.

More so the impact bitcoin has on crypto-commerce and new distributed computing systems such as Ethereum, Federated Wiki, Hyperledger projects.

As well as Satoshi's influence in emerging ideas at DarVOZ page

Picking up @jzxxf's deconstruction we can assemble new systems by focusing not on blockchain (the database) or proof of work algorithms (the trust). More interesting is the rules (smart contracts).

Smart Contracts are more practical than microservices because they move software developers towards robust composition of access controls and concurrency. By abstracting complexity away-- handling it in other subsystems--leaving developers to focus on business rules to do trusted crypto-commerce.

Posit given the influence of Satoshi's white paper and bitcoin as the reference implementation. Pending a TCP-IP like standard for blockchain systems. The effective standard others are building from is bitcoin.

We can observe this in the Hyperledger blockchain project. Author business rules autonomously grant and revoke permissions.

IBM permissioned (trust) secure (rules) distributed (history)

deconstructing bitcoin; trust, rules, history.

Coincidentally this body of work loops us back to Miller's post PhD continuing work on capabilities-based computing to reduce cyber risk in large scale online systems page