Declarative Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a set of commitments that are defined in digital form, including the agreement on how contract participants shall fulfill these commitments. Smart contracts refer to any computer program which can automatically execute the terms of its preprogrammed contract.

Researching different smart contract ecosystems I'm stuck by how the authoring is designed for software developers and not business developers.

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Salesforce has this to say: When to Use Declarative vs. Programmatic Tools to Create Salesforce Apps page

Case in point PCs took off with spreadsheet applications. The internet took off with Netscape Navigator. Corporate portals took off with Sharepoint and wiki took off with Wikipedia. CRM at sale took off at Salesforce with platform for business developers. What all these share in common is they were made by software developers for business developers whose role does not allow them to become proficient with programming languages. Instead the user experience is declarative or in markdown.

Examples: Interfacing with Ethereum Smart Contracts in Java page

YOUTUBE k1a4rTl01mQ Neo Smart Contacts page


Lisk: The blockchain for developers to build decentralised applications written in JavaScript page

YOUTUBE ySIsxEl5yME User-friendly and legally compliant manner

Nick Szabo: "My personal favorite and most exciting type of smart contract is constructed in peer-to-peer environments, from simple natural language by individuals to operate between individuals."page