Declarative App Productivity Platforms

Declarative app productivity platforms for business developers come along very rarely on combinational computing technologies. Listed are three with at least $1 billion in current reoccurring revenues on a single company codeline. I haven’t deliberately left any out, they are rare unicorns. Excel 1985 is still huge (but can’t quite author business logic with it).

YOUTUBE uqhJfjbNuQg Outkast Prototype: lyrics...

I hope that you’re the one If not, you are the prototype We’ll tiptoe to the sun And do things I know you like I think I’m in love again.

- MUMPS 1967 by Neil Pappalardo et al – scaled at EPIC Systems - Фирма “1С” 1991 by Boris Nuraliev et al – 1C Enterprise - 2000 by Parker Harris et al – - 2012 by Bret Taylor et al (acquired by

Each platform so successful it has spurred an enterprise app ecosystem that is both innovating out and inwardly its core foundational technology staying the same. Dreamforce 2015 announced that Salesforce is the first vendor to offer multi-cloud cross-platform declarative apps. A fundamental change that spurs a big change in computing, declarative apps have moved to distributed computing. Will this spur Salesforce to replatform or has it already inspired another declarative app productivity platform for business developers to come along? Expect a friendly UI to emerge (Slack / Minecraft). For now JavaScript rules the stack many use canonical javascript NodeJS. Prototype contenders poised to breakthrough and shield business developers from development complexity with--dynamic, declarative and distributed computing cloud productivity platforms online: - Firebase 2012 by Andrew Lee et al (scaled by Google for Work?) - Facebook Workplace 2015 by Lars Rasmussen et al available for distributed firms. - Metavine by Craig Sproule et al Crowd Machine smart contracts scaling now. Federated Wiki by Ward Cunningham et al (quietly growing). - Outkast’s song was all about love. Build for business developers who love to be successful rock stars without coding too much ( redux) A coda. The interval series 1967 - 85 - 91 - 00 indicates declarative app productivity at scale rarely comes along. Also means a new $1bn Outkast is overdue! Revised January 1, 2018

ToDo - update for Web3 Solidity and Gavin Wood.