Decentralized Censorship

Glenn Greenwald is one of the three co-founding editors of The Intercept. He left The Intercept in October 2020 page .

YOUTUBE MSVNm7XbnYA Glenn Greenwald: Big Tech is censoring Covid debate

The NSA reporting--Peter Taylor on Snowden--he led for The Guardian was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for public service. He is now at the Substack page .

We can foresee the need for easy to author wiki pages in order to decentralize censorship page .

As we've seen with social media we also need some ability to moderate the public square. Wiki achieves this by federation i.e. Not A Big Data Company.

Looking beyond the Principles for Version Two, some notion of multi-party authority to stop hijacking wiki pages may be required. e.g. [slug A page] is stamped on by vandals using the same page title '[slug A page]'. Then social trickery to propagate the second 'fake' page. The solution maybe no solution (to avoid censorship).