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Telling Git about your signing key on open source projects. Apache, MIT, BSD and other GNU licenses.

Telling Git about your signing key...

# Use Git CLI Make sure you sign your commit using git commit -s for more information see page

note: Do NOT use Web UI with DCO.

# Use DCO for LF Making codebase conformant to Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) sign-off ( for Linux Foundation requirements: a step-by-step plan page

# Git Workflow The process of submitting a pull request is fairly straightforward and generally follows the same pattern each time: 1 - Create a feature branch 2 - Make your changes 3 - Rebase 4 - Check your submission 5 - Create a pull request 6 - Update the pull request 7 - Commit Message Guidelines # Create a feature branch git checkout master git pull origin master git checkout -b <name-of-the-feature> # Make your changes Modify the files, build, test, lint and eventually commit your code using the following command: git add <path/to/file/to/commit> git commit git push origin <name-of-the-feature> The above commands will commit the files into your feature branch. You can keep pushing new changes into the same branch until you are ready to create a pull request. # Rebase Sometimes your feature branch will get stale with respect to the master branch, and it will require a rebase. The following steps can help: git checkout master git pull origin master git checkout <name-of-the-feature> git rebase master <name-of-the-feature> note: If no conflicts arise, these commands will ensure that your changes are applied on top of the master branch. Any conflicts will have to be manually resolved. # Create a pull request If you've never created a pull request before, follow these instructions . Pull request title must be formatted according to Commit Message Guidelines. Pull request samples can be found here # Update the pull request git fetch origin git rebase origin/${base_branch} # If there were no merge conflicts in the rebase git push origin ${feature_branch} # If there was a merge conflict that was resolved git push origin ${feature_branch} --force note: If more changes are needed as part of the pull request, just keep committing and pushing your feature branch as described above and the pull request will automatically update.

note: If you commit is DCO signed you will need to wait for a consensus of maintainers to approve your PR. This can range from 1 to 4 people.

Use Raw button to edit MD

# Editing Git Docs (long RFCs and other doco in external editor) Make sure to edit the raw, if you use an external editor; use the raw button and commit any changed doc e.g. page


Also, note

After navigating to the project forked from github on the Macbook, these three commands to make frequent commits: $ git add . $ git commit -m "commit note text" $ git push

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