Contract Manufacturing Software for EVs

Tesla is a giant electric skateboard with a Macbook on top - Elon Musk who was having a beer.

And, so

Hyundai said to be 'agonizing' over Apple's electric car page

>The company might have Kia team up with Apple to avoid associating the core Hyundai brand (and the upscale Genesis badge) with contract manufacturing. It would be “just like Foxconn,” one executive told Reuters. Apple is rumored to want Hyundai primarily for final assembly in the US. The chassis, drivetrain and other components would come from other companies, the sources said.

We've been thinking about the software engineering design for this class of contract manufacturing for sometime. The social aspects range from who is in control to privacy/confidentiality and security.

A traditional vertical bill-of-material based on a hierarchical data chain doesn't really all the flexibility to make changes. The relational database is the enemy of change. Hence the proliferation of spreadsheets and Wiki's (Google/Sharepoint docs).

We've been thinking about event modeling and event-sourced will drive nextgen business applications. Contract manufacturing may deal the final blow to fixed database relationships to upend legacy vendors optimized to design for RDBMS.


- Amazon Honeycode page


- Pfizer's vaccine production. Is a three-phase process that takes weeks from start to finish and involves three different facilities. Axios page