Come To Consensus

Consensus is evolutionary. - Declare yourself the King (set all the rules). - Democracy (universal suffrage). - Democracy (everyone votes). - Paxos (vote by crypto-currency). - Paxos (blockchain).

YOUTUBE Dc2G12nnlYo Consensus at Consensus: Stefan Thomas CTO Ripple

Who's opinion do I care about? Form consensus with them. But my interaction network might be too loosely connected to run an algorithm. Solution: add connections to strengthen the topology. Network can become divided by people who choose to not participate in your network.

Within network let decisions propagate by an avalanche that either succeeds or dissipates. This leads to a more uniform cadence than algorithms require discovery. The avalanche depends on individual validations not being withdrawn.

Bitcoin - POW - POS - Incentives for validators

Wiki... - Social Wiki (Wikipedia). - Social coding (Git/ Github). - Federated Wiki (forked consensus). - Federated Wiki Signature plugin.


I wonder if avalanche may be gamed by malicious actors. To head off the need for avalanche control. Certain consensus such as voting may require the signature plugin. This validates a wiki page with crypto signed signatures. No need to fire the howitzer?

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