Code Generation Beyond 2020

After attending Adaptech's CQRS Event Storming Workshop. We started thinking about who will join up the dots and put all the model-driven engineering pieces together.

We've been here before. Remember Popkin Software’s System Architect, didn't it start with automatic code generation for C/C++. page

Popkin generated object boilerplate, now standard in Visual Studio Code and other top IDEs. Then somehow the tooling tried to automate too much, too soon.

Carnegie Mellon has been researching Model-Driven Engineering tools and beyond. page

Apple's AI origins were developed at Carnegie Mellon. The FANGS AI is now powered by analysis of user-generated data from social media and smartphones.

This brings up, is there another way to automate model-driven engineering. Perhaps it's hiding in plain sight. May need a lightsaber of sorts to solve the 'rift'...

YOUTUBE 5_bVkbG1ZCo You get the idea...