Climate Accounting and Action

Computerized business control systems have been around for about 60 years. Unbeknownst to many whippersnappers, the earliest systems had two different architectural cores. A Radix-tree based bill-of-materials processor and a double-entry general ledger accounting. The BOM processor was designed for planning production and the GL system for accounting for inventory. From these two models a huge industry of hardware companies such as IBM, and package business control software such as SAP, came forth. Today in 2020, the Microservices cloud engineers are still trying to tame these business control applications and optimize them for scalability, resilience, and security. Even while they do so, the underpinnings of business control are changing. We know need to optimize for climate change and material demand reduction. A redesign is afoot, if we can grasp the climate accounting.

Here we list some projects. Most are not yet underway. - George E. Mobus via UW / FedWiki page - Hyperlegder Climate Action and Accounting SIG Home page