Conflict-free replicated data type (CDRT) in distributed computing, is a JSON data structure which can be replicated across multiple computers in a network, where the replicas can be updated independently and concurrently without coordination between the replicas, and where it is always mathematically possible to resolve inconsistencies that might come up page

We explore if the CDRT approach might influence wiki v2 in plugin containers after seeing Eric looking at messaging.

We asked Martin Klepperman whether the Beaker Browser DAT model uses the CDRT approach to replicate JSON data?

Martin said, the DAT log has one owner, that other users can subscribe to, the Beaker browser uses cryptographic hashes to prove the DAT log is unadulterated. CDRTs deal with JSON data that has multiple users. Martin's group at Cambridge University has used Breaker and CDRTs to build multiuser end-user applications.

Resources - Martin Kleppmann's CDRT paper - Onode CDRT webinar