Capabilities-based Computer Security

Norm Hardy gave the Keynote at OCAP 17 page

To head off any impending security apocalypse we access current computer security weaknesses. As a proxy to do this we look at North Korea's cyber capabilities page

VIMEO 137396691 North Korea's Cyber Capabilities

After review we access current computer security is the glass half-full. What steps can take to back-fit computer security to head off a security apocalypse without replacing the current computer ecosystem that today's online commerce is built on.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Former Estonia President, honored for his nation's cybersecurity model known as X-Road. Warns the West to harden defenses against cyberattack and makes the case for a universal electronic ID. page

YOUTUBE 9PaHinkJlvA X-Road, decentralized system is backbone of e-Estonia Cyber Security.

Replacing Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android operating systems is unforeseeable for the next 10 years. The application ecosystems running on these OS would stop any wholesale OS replacement for 5 more years. We have a 15 year time frame requiring a bridge between current computer security and some form of 'genetic takeover'.

Mark Miller has spoken about Blockchains a key to future at the Foresight Institute. Joined with others writing about AGI (artificial general intelligence) and Cyber Insecurity. Further has advocated for a Distributed Smart Contracts Protocol that comes closest to vision towards a genetic takeover page

One lone protocol headed towards a genetic takeover is itself risky. A healthy ecosystem will generally have predators. We should advocate, build and foster competitive protocols.

YOUTUBE 2XDGX41nr1o Civic identity demo