Building IPFS Juan Benet

YOUTUBE w9JST4yVDLo Juan Benet: Protocol Labs. Part-1.

Juan Benet talks how Bell Labs inspires Protocol Labs. How Bell a commercial lab did research, generated innovation, and took it all the way into a product. Content addressable hashing is one area where mission based Protocol Labs has taken research into IPFS products. This can compress the innovation into a 3 year period rather than 10 years.

Benet discusses Filecoin, and how it can pay for and maintain the infrastructure for content, perhaps Wiki writers content (47 minutes).

Topics discussed in this episode: - An update on Protocol Labs and how it has grown on the Bell Labs model - How they bridge the gap between a research foundation (Bell Labs) and a company (Protocol Labs) - The intersection between computer science and crypto - How the Protocol Labs organisation is setup and how Juan has led it as a solo founder - An overview of IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and how it has evolved since our last interview - An introduction to the Filecoin blockchain and its unique design - How Filecoin is fundamentally different from other layer-1 blockchains - How hash rates and storage fees affect the Filecoin blockchain consensus system - The potential impacts of Filecoin on a global level

YOUTUBE ffIxFufOk2g Part-2.

Web 3.0 will need we have consistency built-in, not consensus, client app and something off-chain in-between. The kind of transaction system where we have sharded-time for scalability and partition resilience. This may be application specific sharding. Some apps are fine with eventual consistency, others need strong consistency. Blockchains are too complex and homogeneous, they will be split-up and be decomposed to solve different problems as robust protocols