Brendan Eich: Brave

Priceless reprise of 22 years of JavaScript via thru the career progression of its inventor. Brendan pivots to what's wrong with monetization on the web and what he's doing to fix monetization with Brave his latest Browser project.

At 28:09 Brendan endorses object-capabilities security (no prizes for guessing who his tight Ocap friend is).

YOUTUBE MUtHhYes6-A Reinventing the Monetization of Content and Attention

Topics discussed in this episode: - Brendan's background as an early Internet pioneer - How monetization of content and attention on the Internet are broken - How the Internet advertising industry works and the players involved - A high-level overview of the Brave browser - Brave's features and product roadmap - The Basic Attention Token and its role as a currency for attention - How BAT will serve to create attention marketplaces between publishers, advertisers, and users Links mentioned in this episode: - Brave Website: - Basic Attention Token: