Blockchain Deletion of Private Data

Distributed systems are subject to the CAP theorem asserting that consistency, availability, and partition-tolerance cannot all be simultaneously achieved. Although the CAP theorem was proven to be correct, [Gilbert and Lynch, 2002] practical applications continue to show ways that come close to simultaneously achieving these three desirable qualities. Blockchain technologies do so in a probabilistical fashion in that data validity is ultimately never final. This way, partitions are avoided (as they are temporary). Without (persisting) partitions, the CAP theorem does not require that a choice must be made between availability and consistency.

We present the design for a blockchain network and minimum requirements for a governing agreement among a privileged subset of the nodes’ operators to ensure that sensitive and private data can be handled and securely deleted on demand page .

A coda: SAP's CTO contributed to this paper that referenced paper by Hyperledger AWG.