Big Data in Smart Grid

This weeks video chat about wiki dev/user news. Paul and Ward chatted about search. David bought friends along and chatted about content addressable search. We had recently noticed that Cisco had acquired PARC's content centric networking project CCNx in 2017 and that Van Jacobson is now at UCLA and working on Named Data Networking.

Cisco calls this information-centric-networking and ties it to 5G page

Data Sources of the Grids

Then Eric and Ward chatted about parallels with distributed systems and federated systems. I did some Googling and came up with a Springer article on Big data analytics in smart grids: a review

> Data analytics are now playing a more important role in the modern industrial systems. Driven by the development of information and communication technology, an information layer is now added to the conventional electricity transmission and distribution network for data collection, storage and analysis with the help of wide installation of smart meters and sensors.

> The advanced applications of different data analytics in smart grids are addressed as the main part of this paper. By dealing with huge amount of data from electricity network, meteorological information system, geographical information system etc., many benefits can be brought to the existing power system and improve the customer service as well as the social welfare in the era of big data. However, to advance the applications of the big data analytics in real smart grids, many issues such as techniques, awareness, synergies, etc., have to be overcome.

Via Mike Caulfield at Hapgood.

Looked at through the data sources of the grids, how we are still building enterprise applications is flawed. We should be building enterprise services to facilitate apps. I think we see this with Federated Wiki's plug-ins.